Writing and Editing Services:

Blog post or Article (editing only)          Help with writing 

From 250- 500-words – $50.00                        $60.00

Over 500-1000 words – $60.00                        $75.00

Over 1000-2000 words-$65.00                       $100.00

Over 2000-3500 words-$75.00                     $150.00

Over 3500-5000 words-Negotiable                Negotiable

Book editing: This type of editing is done only for grammar, spelling, syntax, paragraphing, vocabulary organization etc and not for content.  $500.00 and upwards depending on book length.

Help with book writing: Putting book information together (will involve video consultations via skype or other platform) –Cost: Price negotiable upon initial consultation and examination of your notes/script.

Speech editing: This will include editing as in book editing above

Cost:  $50.00 and upwards depending on speech length. Information about your audience and your topic must be submitted with request.

Help with speech writing: Putting information together, giving relevant suggestions for delivery, inclusion of ice breakers, humor etc. (will involve video consultation via skype or other platform)

Cost: Price negotiable upon initial consultation.

Research and reports (editing only)

Cost: Negotiable upon initial consultation.

Motivational Speaking/Keynote speaker: Negotiable upon consultation.

Master of Ceremonies or program presenter: Negotiable upon consultation

Seminar/Group presentation: Negotiable upon consultation