The Three D’s of Success

 It is our ‘now’ moment choices that dictate who we are, or put another way, who we choose to be in the ‘now’ determine how successful we are. Despite me giving a practical example in a previous article, some may have found it to be somewhat philosophical. I would therefore like to follow up by looking at three simple factors that drive success.The first factor is DREAM. All successful people dream  and I don’t mean what happens in your sleep! To dream means having personal goals about where you want to be in life, the things you want to acquire, the manner in which you want to achieve these goals and the kind of lifestyle you want to live.

All of this amounts to having goals, writing them down and making consistent use of your imagination by visualizing the end product or desired outcome. The key here is that any imaginative focus should be around your END GOALS and not the intermediary steps. Always visualize the BIG PICTURE! Yes, you can plan the intermediary steps to get to the big picture or end goal, but very often, positive dreaming and purposeful action forces the universal energy to support you and some of these steps may come about by seeming coincidences and synchronicity. You may very well create miraculous results in a seemingly impossible time frame! So, for example, your goal is to live in a multi million dollar house, drive an expensive car and do all of this by pursuing what you are passionate about, say coaching other people to be successful, you must make it a habit of visualizing these larger end goals. Some people get pictures and paste them on a wall or in a folder.

The thing about visualization though is that it must be done in a manner to influence the subconscious mind. This means practicing it in deep meditative moments when the mind is quiet. This can be just before falling off to sleep or when just waking up. It is alright to keeping your goals in the imagination during waking hours and using affirmations as well, but in a meditative state is when visualization is most effective, because it forces the subconscious to cooperate with you. That is when positive changes in your personal outlook occur and success is magnetized. You suddenly begin to believe fully in your dream! The second factor is DESIRE. Desire here refers to feelings and emotions. Most people fail in their bid to succeed because even though they visualize, they do not do so with the positive feelings and emotions that an achievement of these goals would generate. For visualization to be effective it must have alongside it the desirable feelings. The mind must not only see the end goal, it must taste, touch, smell and hear the accompanying sensations. This is what we call burning desire! Walking around with positive pictures of what you want in your head, will not make you succeed. YOU MUST FEEL THEM AND BELIEVE THEM to be true!

The third factor is DIS-SATISFACTION. This may sound simple but it is not, because it is one of the factors that keeps most people from succeeding. They have a discontent about where in life they are and what they have achieved but they are not Dissatisfied. They are angry, they are frustrated with themselves and their condition, but they remain in their comfort zone. It is not anger and frustration that is needed, these are lower level emotions and will only give you more of what you do not want. You should maintain a stance of gratitude for whatever little you now have but you must have a desire to move to the next level. True dissatisfaction creates the engine that drives the DREAM and the DESIRE!

So, you ask, why has he not said much about ACTION? Good question, I will retort. This was deliberate. The myth that slaving yourself to death, at the expense of your health, your children and your spouse, is just that; A MYTH. It is not a formula for success.You are trying to create in reverse, through acting without the proper mindset as discussed above. Here is how the universal energy plays it out in it’s design that allows anyone to tap into it’s POWER. First there is mind, then there is thought, then there are words and emotions to go with the thought; and when these align there is action which produces results because it is PURPOSEFUL ACTION.  Very often, we fail to succeed because we try to circumvent the mind planning stage and run blindly into erratic, unplanned action.

So, you want to be successful. Please go implement these factors.

Here’ to your personal growth and success! 


Author: Leonard Sappleton

Retired Teacher, Author, Blogger,Motivational Speaker and Writing and Editing Professional. Loves the social sites. You'll find me on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter. I am a Jamaican by birth, name and number. Fun-loving and enjoys being around people. Loves to write, from poetry to personal growth to speeches to pipe cocks. Married with three kids. Enjoys a good joke.