Say it ‘Write’

Effective writing and effective speaking are perhaps, the two most difficult communication skills to master. Many persons are either, strong in one area and weak in the other, or at best, mediocre in both areas. Effective communication demands that the individual, should, at least be somewhat above average in both areas.

In today’s rapidly expanding technological world, where the internet, through Social Media and other information websites, dominate the channels of communication, it is of utmost importance that the individual be completely familiarized with all its modern forms. However, there is a growing trend in Social media to invent new and varied shortened forms of language, (expressions) many of which have become standardized, such as hashtags and many of the Facebook and Twitter icons.

Despite this ever-growing trend, the need for conventional writing and speaking modalities is very apparent. The advent of distant instruction and other forms of conversation, such as formal speeches, presentations and online seminars, have heightened the demand for effective speaking and writing. The current availability to self-publish books have also created a great demand for writing and editing skills. Many individuals have important and ideas and messages but lack the technical writing skills to take their work to completion.

The demand for oral presentations in the form of motivational speaking, special events emcees and seminar presenters, has created a need for individuals gifted in these areas.

It is with these in mind, that Saywrite Services has come to the fore. Our team has a number of individuals with varying talents, ready to serve you. There are times when you need to say it right and write it well. The time is now.

So, you have ideas for that book but you lack the necessary writing skills. You have written that research paper, report or speech but it is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. You are asked to toast someone at an up-coming wedding reception but you feel incompetent. You would like to move that vote-of-thanks to the speaker you have invited in but you are fearful. You have spent long nights on that report for your boss but it is riddled with bad sentence structures and lack organization. I could go on and on. There is no need to panic. You can be helped by those who possess the skills. Have no fear, say it right, the first time!


Author: Leonard Sappleton

Retired Teacher, Author, Blogger,Motivational Speaker and Writing and Editing Professional. Loves the social sites. You'll find me on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter. I am a Jamaican by birth, name and number. Fun-loving and enjoys being around people. Loves to write, from poetry to personal growth to speeches to pipe cocks. Married with three kids. Enjoys a good joke.