Celebrate your magnificience

“God made the perfect being and you should revel in your perfection.” (me, 2018)

I know, I know, it sounds a little bit far-fetched, but if you just stop and think about it for one moment, in the silence of your mind, you will instantly adhere to its truth. The term imperfection is just one silly term coined by us to justify our judgment of others, and even of ourselves. How could we be imperfect when we are all an individuation of the one source differentiating himself into the many. Our structure biologically is the same. Some may be missing a limb here and there and others might be suffering illness from the misalignment of their body cells, but we run on the same engine-Heart, lungs, brain, blood, tissue, bone, muscle and all the other body parts. We all must expel waste and ingest food. We laugh, sneeze, cry, sleep, feel sad, feel happy, feel angry, think, visualize, hope, believe, despair at one time or the other. Believe me, these are all perfections, purposely intended by the source, in order for you to attract or create your intentions on this earth plane of duality to which you chose to appear.

Our futile attempts to try to think ourselves into being separate and apart from ‘the one’ has only led us into wars, disputes, depressions, and sometimes insanity. Our arrogance in trying to separate ourselves by external trappings, such as education and material well-being has also trapped us further into the myth of the ‘born in sin and shaped in inequity’ misconception (no pun intended).

So, who are you? You are a magnificent being, created perfectly in the image of the one. You are as eternal as they come. You are here to create, to die, and to return to expand creation over and over and over!  You cannot get it wrong. Do you, for one moment, think that God doesn’t know what She is doing?


Author: Leonard Sappleton

Retired Teacher, Author, Blogger,Motivational Speaker and Writing and Editing Professional. Loves the social sites. You'll find me on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter. I am a Jamaican by birth, name and number. Fun-loving and enjoys being around people. Loves to write, from poetry to personal growth to speeches to pipe cocks. Married with three kids. Enjoys a good joke.